Binocular Loan Program

Access to a good pair of binoculars make a huge difference when birding, and can make any nature walk more enjoyable. 

GEAS has approximately 24 pairs of binoculars, including generous donations from Eagle Optics. We can loan binoculars for classroom field trips, public events, scout troop outings, and other similar events.  

Generally, binoculars are available to borrow for 1-3 days  with at least two weeks notice. Exceptions to availability include dates on which GEAS has scheduled programming.

Request Binoculars 

Binocular Loan Program Agreement

We ask that the primary borrower take responsibility for this great resource while in your possession, whether you are borrowing as an individual or an organizations.  

Please return binoculars cleaned of fingerprints on the lenses, with lens caps on, and stowed in the provided pouches. 

Please let us know if any repairs or damage needs to be addressed.

Membership starts at just $20/year and supports our programs, education, conservation, and advocacy work.

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