Support native plant communities and healthy habitats... In your own backyard!

The Habitat Patch program seeks to encourage community members to turn their yards into natural habitats for birds and other wildlife. Participation is easy, fun, and helps support local conservation efforts! 

Property Requirements

To receive Habitat Patch Program Recognition, your selected outdoor area must meet the following criteria:

    • A minimum of three plant species native to the Intermountain West must be present on the property. Here is our list of recommended plant species. 
    • At least two of the four vegetation levels of bird habitat must be present on the property:
        • Ground cover layer - forbs, grasses, herbaceous plants, etc. 
        • Shrub layer - woody shrubs and bushes between 2 - 10 ft. tall when mature 
        • Understory tree canopy - between 10 - 30 ft. tall when mature 
        • Overstory tree canopy - more than 30 ft. tall when mature
    • There must be active management and/or a reduction plan if any of the following regionally invasive plant species are present on the property:
      • Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum)
      • Canada Thistle (Cirsium arvense)
      • Bachelor Buttons (Centaurea cyanus)
      • St Johns Wort (Hypericum perforatum)
      • Puncturevine a.k.a. Goathead (Tribulus terrestris)
          • Choose a minimum of four of the following bird-friendly practices on the property: 
              • Maintain a bird feeder
              • Provide a water source for birds
              • Maintain a birdhouse or bird box
              • Create brush piles 
              • Leave snags and leaf litter
              • Assess property for window collisions and mitigate problematic windows 
              • If a cat is present on the property, either keep it indoors or provide outdoor access by controlled means (leash-trained, catio, etc.) 
              • Participate in an on-site community science initiative to increase scientific understanding of how birds or pollinators are doing (Feeder Watch, Nest Watch, Hummingbirds at Home, Bumble Bee Watch)
            • Sign the Habitat Patch Pesticides Pledge

        How to participate: 

        **Enrollment is planned to open mid-April 2021. If you are interested in participating, please fill out this interest form and we will be in touch with you when we are ready to launch! 

          • Fill out the registration form.
          • Pay your registration fee. For members, registration is $25. For non-members, registration is $35. Sign up to be a GEAS member here. 
          • A GEAS volunteer or staff member will be in touch to come evaluate your property for eligibility. 
          • Enjoy preserving your outdoor habitat! 



        Membership starts at just $20/year and supports our programs, education, conservation, and advocacy work.

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