Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve

What was once a gravel pit surrounded by suburban housing developments, is now a 44-acre haven for birds and other wildlife. On the edge of Boise's West Bench, Hyatt Hidden Lakes is an oasis of wetlands, ponds, and upland vegetation that provides habitat for over a hundred birds species throughout the year. The City of Boise, Native Plant Network (NPN), Land Trust of the Treasure Valley (LTTV), and the Boise River Enhancement Network (BREN) along with numerous other partners and community members, have worked together to restore this reserve creating quality habitat right in the bustle of the city.

Conservation in Action

The NPN and partners have have grown and planted native plants in the area since 2017 to continue the growth of this treasured wetland. To help improve hydraulic functioning and bird diversity at Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve, partners have planted native plants and removed invasive species, especially Russian olive. Together conservation partners recruited and inspired reserve neighbors and educated them about wildfire risk posed by annual grasses. This is truly a community action project as our key partners along with 2 local schools, Tomorrow's Hope center for supporting developmentally disabled adults, reserve neighbors, and local corporate sponsors have come together to make a lasting impact on the reserve. 

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