IBO Boise River Site 

Since 2018, the Native Plant Network (NPN) has partnered with the Intermountain Bird Observatory (IBO) to restore quality habitat along the Boise River. 


Community in Action

Over 250 volunteers have come to the IBO Boise River Site to grow, plant, and monitor the growth of native plants throughout the year. The plots are alongside the Boise Greenbelt, which provides the opportunity to engage community members in citizen science. In 2019, tools and signage were installed to enable community members to photograph plant growth over the course of the year. 

Learn by doing

Field experimental plots (n = 75) at Intermountain Bird Observatory’s  Boise River Research Station is providing opportunity to better understand and apply soil-specific species selection, planting techniques and maintenance schedules.  College interns and K-12 students get real-world opportunity to monitor success and report on findings.

Photo Credit: 1-3 Jeff Black; 4-5 Libby Burtner

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