Larson Bluebird Trails

Al Larson has been monitoring nesting bluebirds in southwest Idaho for more than 30 years. He has maintained hundreds of boxes, creating habitat for many birds, and has banded more than 27,000 bluebirds.  Al, and his wife Hilda, were some of the founding members of GEAS, and we are committed to helping Al continue this work into the future.

In the past few years Al has compiled many notes and records so that GEAS can build and maintain a database of all his efforts. GEAS, with the help of volunteers and Boise State University students, is committed to keeping this long-term project going. It is our hope that this project will also create the opportunity for student training and future field research.

To volunteer as a Bluebird Driver and have a chance to help Al check and potentially watch him band nestling bluebirds, please email the Bluebird Dispatcher.  It's a unique opportunity to see these birds up close, participate in citizen science, and meet the fantastic Al Larson!

Al maintains and monitors six bluebird trails in and around southwestern Idaho. The boxes on these trails have been used by Mountain Bluebirds, Western Bluebirds, wrens, chickadees, swallows, and more. Not only have these boxes created habitat for many species, they have also served as a favorite past time for many GEAS members as Al has shared his passion and knowledge with the many volunteers who join him in the field.

A big thank you to Julie and Boyd Steele and the local Wild Birds Unlimited store for collecting and donating new bluebird boxes to replace boxes burned on the Prairie Bluebird  Trail during a fire in 2013.  

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