Board of Directors

Liz Urban: President & New Roots Program Director 

Leah Dunn: Vice-President & Membership Services

Libby Burtner: Secretary, Small Grants & Awards Chair 

Alex Takasugi: Treasurer, Education

Sean Finn: Past President, Conservation, Partnerships

Sue Norton: Education, Grants 

Alexander Sapiens: Monthly Program Coordinator, Education

Matt Podolsky: Conservation Chair

Michele Crist: NAS Board of Directors; Small Grants & Awards 

Alan Crockett: Conservation 

Chris McClure: Grants & Conservation

Dondi Black: Climate Watch Coordinator, Field Trip Coodinator, Conservation & Education

Additional Leadership

Kristin Gnojewski: Education & Outreach Chair

Pam Conley: Bluebird Driver Dispatcher, Education, Conservation  

Jennifer Robbins-Smith: Historian 

Niels S. Nokkentved: Newsletter Editor

Kathy Barker McCoy: Wednesday Morning Club Leader

Membership starts at just $20/year and supports our programs, conservation, and advocacy work.

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