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Join GEAS in having a cup o' conservation! We will place a group Birds & Beans Coffee order the 3rd of each month and have your coffee available to pickup at our monthly meeting or Wild Birds Unlimited (our volunteer coffee coordinator will let you know when your order is available for pickup via email, usually the 3rd week of the month). Please feel free to place your order anytime during the month and it will automatically be included in the next month's order! We are passing the wholesale savings on to our members and you pay just the amount to offset shipping and processing fees above the wholesale price. The state of Idaho also requires a 6% grocery sales tax, so that has been added to the total price. Please indicate which roast you would like when placing your order. You can select from these choices: Baltimore Oriole (French Roast Decaf) Kingbird (Espresso) Birds & Bean's Decaf Roast is produced using the water decaffeination process. All orders are whole-bean, unless you note in your order that you would like it ground (no additional charge). Espresso Roast is only available as whole bean or fine ground. Please indicate if you would like Coarse, Medium, Fine, or Extra Fine for Decaf. If you want coffee sooner, you can order directly though Birds & Beans too!

Membership starts at just $20/year and supports our programs, education, conservation, and advocacy work.

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