Warm Springs Park 

The City of Boise, Golden Eagle Audubon Society (GEAS), the Native Plant Network, and partners have been working to establish a pollinator garden at the once undeveloped park along the Boise Greenbelt, Warm Springs Park. The garden was supported by the City of Boise through a neighborhood investment grant to the East End Neighborhood Association and GEAS. 

Community Involvement

Park neighbors and nearby schools have been actively involved with establishing this pollinator garden. Students from Adams Elementary and Sage International Schools were engaged in establishing this garden as an outdoor classroom by growing plants from seed as well as creating drawings for garden signs in collaboration with their art programs. 

Students from Golden Eagle Audubon Society's New Roots Program were also engaged in the restoration of this park through planting pollinator friendly plants. 


Further Opportunities

In 2019, Golden Eagle Audubon Society were thrilled to have the opportunity to adopt the park for further restoration. We hope to continue to use the garden as an educational platform to engage community members, volunteers, and classrooms in this ongoing project as well as create quality habitat for local pollinators. 

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