Climate Watch

Help us find out how birds are responding to climate change. 

In 2014, Audubon released the Birds and Climate Change Report highlighting the risks that climate change poses to birds across North America. In response, thousands of people asked how they could help make the world a better place for birds. 

Now you can help by joining Golden Eagle Audubon Society (GEAS) as we observe birds locally and contribute information to National Audubon’s Climate Watch Program. Volunteers will follow simple instructions to look for birds where Audubon’s climate models project they should be. Anyone can participate regardless of birding experience. For more information download the program's general overview.

How to Participate

This opportunity requires no birding experience and a minimal time commitment -- just a half-day survey. Volunteers will monitor Red-Breasted Nuthatches for the winter monitoring day, and Mountain Bluebirds for the summer monitoring day.

Update: Our winter survey is full, but summer still has available squares.  To view the available squares and register, visit the sign up page.

 Sign Up for the Summer Survey

If you are interested in participating please contact Dondi Black, our Chapter's Volunteer Climate Watch Coordinator at: 

Winter Monitoring Locations for Red-Breasted Nuthatch 

1. Cambridge

2. Payette

3. Garden Valley

4. Canyon Hill Cemetery

5. Eagle Island

6. Idaho City

7. Marsing

8. Deer Flat

9. Boise

10. Barber Park and Pools

11. Highway 20

12. CJ Strike

Summer Monitoring Locations for Mountain Bluebird

1. Mann Crk Res.

2. Sage Hen

3. Garden Valley

4. Bogus Basin

5. Deer Flat

6. Barber Pool Reserve

7. Prairie

8. Bennett Mtn Rd

9. Silver City

10. Owyhee Bluebird Trail

Membership starts at just $20/year and supports our programs, education, conservation and advocacy work.

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