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Beginning Birding by Ear Class (BBBE) - Course Series Introduction

  • 12 Nov 2018
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Meridian Public Library;1326 W Cherry Lane


  • This registration is for one individual to attend the required BBE introductory session.

Registration is closed

Building Your Birding Skills!

Hear it? What Bird Izzat?

Beginning Birding by Ear Class (BBBE)

Have you ever said, “It’s behind a bunch of leaves, I can hear it, but can’t tell what it is.” or “Other birders are finding and IDing birds I can’t even see!” 

Are you ready to take another big step in your birding life?

Birding using your ears as well as eyes can give you access to birds 360° around you not just where you are looking. You will understand and appreciate the diversity of avian life even more. Reputedly, Roger Tory Peterson said skilled birders sometimes do 95 percent of their birding by ear.

The Golden Eagle Audubon Society (GEAS), Intermountain Bird Observatory (IBO) and Southwest Idaho Bird Association (SIBA) are co-sponsoring another Building Your Birding Skills class. The class will focus on identifying common Idaho birds by their calls and songs.


It is a Beginning Birding by Ear (BBBE) class: You will be introduced to the common calls (generally heard year-round) and songs (usually associated with breeding) of many of our common species that can be identified by their vocalization. Turkey Vultures, Double-crested Cormorants and Loggerhead Shrikes are generally quiet and won’t be part of the class. Thrushes, Warblers and Finches are good BBBE birds.

This is not a beginning birding class. Expectations are that you will know a good number (at least 30-40) of our commonest birds by sight. We will not be reviewing basic visual id; however sometimes we can’t talk about birds without talking about their shape, patterning and habitats.

Required Introductory Class: This class will be a on Monday, Nov. 12, 2018 at 6 pm. It will take place at our Meridian Library class location on Cherry. The required class will not only answer your questions about the class but give you resources and tools to prepare for actual class work. Cost for first class is $15.

  • You know more than you think: Your 1st quizzes
  • The 60-80 workshop bird species
  • Resources for learning bird calls and songs
  • Intro to a process for learning bird vocals. Walton, Pieplow & Vocal Categories & Language
  • Begin finding your own handle on bird vocals

Class schedule: three (3) sessions (two classes plus a weekend field trip) Final schedule @ 1st class

  • Early Feb 2019: Winter is a good time to learn common basic calls of resident birds
  • Mid-March: Complete calls and beginning songs of resident birds
  • Late April & Early May: Dive into common migrant breeding bird song and calls 

There will be handouts, study aids, homework and quizzes that will give you an opportunity to practice your growing skills.

Cost & Class Size

  • First Mandatory Class: $15. Size unlimited. 
  • All sessions (6 classes & 3 field trips) $80 plus 6 hours volunteer time. Max registration is 30/session
  • Each session (2 classes & fieldtrip) $40 plus 3 hours of volunteer time. Max registration is 30/session

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