Thank you to our Supporters

A special thank you to those who help support this society. GEAS is able to provide free birding trips, conserve important bird areas, and educate our community because of the public's generous support.

'Golden Eagle' Level Supporters ($500+):

  • Betsy Baptist
  • Anonymous 
  • National Audubon's Toyota TogetherGreen Program
  • Boise National Forest
  • Charlotte Y. Martin Foundation
  • Norcross Wildlife Foundation
  • Terry Rich
  • Lew Ulrey
  • Liz & Mark Urban
  • Vera Auge
  • The North Face's Explorer Fund

Gifts given in memoriam and as legacies honoring:

  • Curt Goodrich
  • Robert John Crum, Sr.
  • Harold Ward
  • Liven Peterson
  • Betsy Baptist
  • Earl Reynolds, Jr.
  • Elaine Hoke
  • Bob Skinner
  • Carolyn Dee Ernst

A donation was made on behalf of Borah High school's IBO Boise River scavenger hunt winners: Kaley Farr, Mason Smith, Annika Waterman, Jessica Smith, Athraa Almunsian, and Risa Yamagata in 2015.

Supporters of GEAS's 2017 banquet & silent auction:

  • Alex Takasugi
  • Amy Silver
  • Barb Forderhase
  • The Basque Market
  • Bird House and Habitat
  • Bob Ellis
  • Bryce Robinson
  • Caitlin Davis
  • Cheryl Clark Lawson
  • Chocolat Bar
  • Cloverdale Nursery
  • Corliss Neuber
  • Dan Kolsky
  • Danette Henderson
  • Deb Parliman
  • Deborah Erwin
  • Divit Cardoza
  • Draggin' Wing Nursery
  • Dylan Stark
  • Edwards Green House
  • Firefly Garden Art
  • Helen Lloyd
  • Idaho Botanical Garden
  • Ingrid and Bill Brudenell
  • Intermountain Gas
  • Jeanette Germain
  • Jill Cooper
  • Joe and Anita Twitchell
  • Judy Baker
  • Kathy Barker-McCoy and  Matt McCoy
  • Leah Dunn

  • Leslie Harrison
  • Lew Ulrey
  • Lisette Artiga Charitable Fund
  • Louise Maley
  • Marilyn Dorman
  • Mary Schofield and Allen Lockhart
  • Matt Podolsky
  • Mike and Brenda Pulchalski
  • Mike Morrison
  • Pam Conley
  • Phil and Nancy Bucher
  • Poo Wright-Pulliam
  • REI
  • Sandra Beebe
  • Scott and Bev Pressman

    • Liz and Sean Finn
    • Signe Sather-Blair
    • Snake River Seed Cooperative
    • Southwest Airlines
    • Sue Norton
    • Susan and David Hazelton
    • Susan Chaloupka
    • Suzanne Woodcock
    • The Henderson Corporation
    • The Peregine Fund
    • Liz and Mark Urban
    • Tom Dolan
    • Tom McCabe
    • Wild Birds Unlimited
    • Wild Lens, Inc.
    • Woodland Empire Craft Ale

    We would like to recognize our award recipients for their substantial efforts on behalf of GEAS:

    2018 Award Recipients

    Volunteer Award

    Alan Crockett

    Conservation Award

    Kristin Gnojewski

    Educator of the Year

    Dr. Megan Jones

    2017 Award Recipients

    Volunteer Awards

    Leah Dunn

    Kathy Barker-McCoy

    Amy Silver

    Life-time Achievement Award

    Sue Norton

    Membership starts at just $20/year and supports our programs, conservation, and advocacy work.

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