Golden Eagle Audubon Society (GEAS) is dedicated to building an understanding, appreciation, and respect for the natural world in order to conserve and restore natural ecosystems for birds and other wildlife.


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My Kitchen Window by Hilda Larson

Hilda Larson began writing a column for the Golden Eagle Audubon Society in the 1980s. She began writing a column for the Southwestern Idaho Birds Association in 2007. She also drew cartoons and sketches of birds and birders for the newsletters. She continued writing for both groups until her death in 2014.

Sue Norton and Cathy Eells have compiled a collection of Hilda Larson's columns and sketches from the newsletters. (Book design and layout by Niels Nokkentved.)  It also contains a history of Al Larson and Hilda's project of setting up blue bird trails in Idaho. 

The book will be of interest to people who like to watch birds and other wildlife and those who would like a glimpse into the world outside the windows in Hilda's life. She writes with great warmth, curiosity, and humor. Consider buying a copy for yourself and for the birdwatchers on your holiday shopping list.

You can order a copy by contacting Sue Norton at 378-4248 or at or Cathy Eells at 459-4435 or Copies are $13. Sue will mail one to you for $16. Proceeds will go to GEAS and SIBA.

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