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We've joined 200+ organizations in celebrating 2018 as the Year of the Bird. Find out how you can take small but meaningful actions to help birds.  >> LEARN MORE


New 'Beginning Birding by Ear' Class Offering

Join David Potter for an in-depth course on learning our local birds by sound.  This will be a multiple session class, with a required introductory session on November 12th at 6:00pm.  The fee is $15 for the first session. Come get a taste for learning how to bird by ear and decide if you want to tackle the full course work in 2019!

BBBE - Course Series Introduction

Get a discount on high quality, bird-friendly coffee by ordering through our Coffee Club!

GEAS is partnering with Birds and Beans—a Smithsonian Certified Bird-Friendly brand—to offer a special rate on their coffee. Learn why the "bird-friendly" certification matters, and place an order with GEAS to get in on this fantastic discount.

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New Benefit Option for Members: Birds of North America Online

For just $8 per year, you can take your bird education to the next level with access to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Birds of North America Online (regularly priced $42 per year). This is the most comprehensive reference for the life histories of over 760 bird species that breed in the U.S. and Canada. You can purchase this optional membership benefit by logging into our Membership Portal. If you are already a member and don’t have a login account yet, contact us to get started at Not a member yet? Join today!

Native Plant Network: News & Opportunities

GEAS is a key partner of the The Treasure Valley Native Plant Network, which works together to collect, germinate, propagate, and create banks of seedlings for planting in restoration sites around the Treasure Valley. This April, Sean Finn represented GEAS and the Network and repotted 1000 native plants with Lowell Scott Middle School students! There are many ways to get involved, including hosting native plants through mid-September. The plants will come in 2 ft square racks, will need partial sun, and require watering 1-3 times per week. For more info contact Sea Finn:

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